Vodka Siderit Lactée

Siderit Vodka Lactée is an ultra-premium vodka, delicately produced, out of the alcohol obtained from the fermentation of the milk sugars. After several distillations through a fractioning column, a very pure alcohol with different taste notes is obtained.


Our Sparkling Wines

For your celebrations or some special occasion, our sparkling wines are the best option


Real Spain Sangria

Perfect with a tasty seafood, deep-fried Chiken and in spicy food or a few olives as an appetiser.


Tequilas 916

Mexican 916 Tequila 100% Agave


Welcome to Senic International

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Under the leadership of our dynamic team, Senic International continues a tradition of bringing premiums products to California and the whole USA supported by an unsurpassed team of dedicated professionals.


Best Wines of the World

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Our portfolio is crafted by family owned wineries and distilleries, where passionate winemakers and distillers, technological innovations and prime locations have resulted in wines and spirits of superior quality.


Premium Spirits

Infernus Vodka Infernus Gold Vodka

Vodka Ultra Premium category with a ranking of 80 proof. It is a product in which its preparation are carried out five distillations and intensive filtering of its main ingredients grains of wheat and barley, thereby achieving a premium vodka taste better and fresher.

Papacito Tequila Our Tequilas

Papacito tequila. Our premium portfolio has just added one of the best tequilas in Mexico. Papacito tequila finally available in the united states brought to our demanding clients

Gin Bruni 916 Tequila 1oo% Agave

Tequila 916 100% Agave, Each of them has been treasured in each box and bottle of Tequila 916©. We have taken care, with the utmost respect, of every detail of its preparation because our goal is to cross the seas of history and give new generations the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of our heritage's living legacy.

Bodegas Tagua Chilean Premiums Wines

Our new selection of Chilean wines is available now, from Bodegas Tagua Tagua (BBT) winery which, over the last hundreds of years, has refined the technique behind their harvest and production, which is also reflected in their wines where you get incredibly tasty and quality in each bottle.