Mezcal 100 vidas

Mexico in a bottle, taste our spirit in every drop

Have you tried any other mezcal with a triple distillation?
This refinement allows us to reveal the unique aroma and true taste of Mexico.
Just another way to reassure the quality of C100N VIDAS.

Once we get the must it’s left sitting for at least 72 hrs on wooden tubs, which are made
from fallen trees found in the surroundings. We gladly take what nature kindly gives us.

This is where we get to see the mezcal for the first time. It starts by throwing the agave must into huge hand-made copper pots and heated by burning wild wood until it lets go its escense in steam form. We cool it to make it liquid and we heat it up to
repeat the process for two more times, just to give you the purest & most authentic Mexican spirit.

Artisanal Process
Mezcal, the beverage that portraits the spirit of Mexico. Passion, happiness, bravery and mystery, in a flawless union.

Cooking & Grinding
Natural spring water, conic ovens digged in the ground, thoroughly selected 9 year old Espadin Agaves that are cooked for days by a mixture of wood and heated rocks until they’re ready for grinding; which is performed by an enormous stone wheel pulled by horses…
is just the beginning.

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