Vodka Ultra Premium category with a ranking of 80 proof. It is a product in which its preparation are carried out five distillations and intensive filtering of its main ingredients grains of wheat and barley, thereby achieving a premium vodka taste better and fresher. Unique and spectacular color, delicate aroma, pure and palatable taste in the mouth, with hints of cereal and with a final touch that reminds us nuts. A different ultra-premium vodka, with a new and complex flavor. Making its development is a challenge The fact that our vodka possesses five distillations, makes it much more digestible for our body, in each distillation is purified alcohol, avoiding high levels of methanol, butanol, propanol and pentanol, unpleasant aromas and attackers of our nervous system, while both the nose and palate distort alcohol and make it unpleasant and irritating to the palate as the fact purge during distillation, minimizes the content of these molecules.

Capacity: 750ML Alcohol 40% by Vol

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