Sweet Wines

Italy & Spain

Damascato Rose, Italy.

Light Pink color. Sweet, lightly sparkling with freshness and fruit flavors, reminiscent of raspberries. Fresh, fragrant, with hints of raspberry and cramberry. Any dessert, highly recommended as aperitif, pool party wine.

Win 5 Verdejo, Spain.

Its development is made possible by taking special care during the harvesting process, through preserving the grape juice at low temperatures and fermenting the alcohol at 5.0 degrees, which allows the CO2 from the fermentation itself to be maintained, without artificially gasifying it. This fresh wine maintains the characteristic acidity of the Verdejo grape, but also takes on a natural sweetness that makes it a Verdejo with more tropical aromas.

Ennius Moscato, Spain.

A partially fermented moscato grape wine with a refreshing , sprizy style for easy drinking full of musky aromas , sweet mouth-filling tropical/lemon flavours. Completed with its crisp acidity and finishing with a little spritz.

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